One of the best methods to visit the world, especially for more experienced tourists, is via cruise ship. A cruise vacation is an ideal way for seniors to visit several locations while making the most of your travel budget, and there are a variety of cruise options available, from enrichment-heavy expedition voyages, and easygoing river cruises to elegant ocean sailings, to exciting globe-spanning World Cruises.

Cruises are a safe and chic way for seniors to tour the world with like-minded travelers and be treated along the way. They are convenient, comfortable, and incredibly cost-effective. Whatever your degree of mobility, a cruise offers the ideal compromise between total independence and reachable support when striking out on your own.

Best Cruises For Seniors

Of all, there are many good reasons to take a cruise, so making that choice was simple. The hardest part of having so many options, though, can be determining which cruise line is best for you.

Our experts have chosen some of the best cruises for seniors looking to travel in style to help you narrow down your options.

Cunard Line

Cunard Line is a nostalgic journey that takes you back to the heyday of cruising while remaining classic and modern. Cunard is all about reviving the “Golden Age” of ocean liners cruising, from classic British-style afternoon tea to enrichment programs featuring thought-provoking lectures and speeches by well-known personalities, and even a full-scale planetarium


Crystal Cruises elevates high-end cruising to a whole new level and is regarded as the gold standard for luxury on land, sea, and air. The exquisite ships of Crystal Cruises have a high passenger-to-guest ratio, which makes their service exceptional and gives guests more pampering and programming than most other luxury lines. On these all-inclusive cruises, travelers can take part in a range of fitness and guest lectures, wellness activities, cooking demonstrations,  wine tastings, afternoon tea, and bridge lessons.

Luxury Cruise Lines

Today’s luxury cruise ships can compete with the majority of five-star hotels, are perfect for active seniors, passengers at the upper end of the age spectrum, including those with limited mobility, and the majority of them were built specifically to appeal to a more affluent, mature clientele.

Today’s luxury ships offer exciting onboard activities, far-flung destinations, attractive ship designs with wheelchair assistance for boarding and disembarking, readily accessible pathways throughout, and a variety of fashionable staterooms with cutting-edge handicap-friendly layouts.

River Cruises

A scenic river cruise is an ideal activity for seniors because of the elegant tiny ships with wide-open vantage points (and without the crowds) that provide a secure, smooth journey past the world’s most famous locations.

Silversea Cruises 

The greatest senior-friendly all-inclusive cruises are those offered by Silversea. In both the ocean and adventure categories, the line provides all-suite, ultra-luxury ships. They cater to the sophisticated, older tourists looking for an elite experience and extremely attentive treatment. 

Numerous once-in-a-lifetime experiences are offered by its ships, which travel to more than 900 locations across all seven continents. The all-inclusive price includes everything from all-suite lodging to fine dining, onboard lectures, premium drinks, gratuities, and – on adventure trips only – excursions.


Most “best of” lists for upmarket river cruises consistently rank Uniworld at the top thanks to its outstanding cuisine, excellent enrichment options, unrivaled service, and frequent addition of top-notch local performers. 

Due to their itineraries’ visits to some of Europe’s most famous cities, sites, villages, and landmarks throughout France, Austria, Germany, Hungary, and other countries, European river cruises are a favorite among history aficionados and even World War II veterans.


Viking Cruises, dubbed “the thinking persons cruise line,” recognizes the distinction between a tourist and a traveler. With its restrictions of no children, spa packages, no casinos, no umbrella beverages, and never any sales push to buy unnecessary services, or specialized things, they genuinely cater to adults and “no frills” cruisers.

Viking is the best option for you if you wish to sail with a distinguished, spend more time in each port, older audience, and enjoy an all-inclusive cruise experience with top-notch food and carefully selected shore excursions.


AmaWaterways is one of the best river cruise companies for mature travelers because of their warm and knowledgeable staff, experiences that are exclusively individualized, both on and off the ship, fewer passengers who are on board, and French balconies with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors in their spacious cabins.

This is one of the best options for foodies, history fans, wine connoisseurs, and educated travelers wishing to immerse themselves in truly exotic locales because of themed solo, and group cruises.

Oceangoing Cruise Lines

The cruise company offers staterooms with amenities for those with mobility impairments, grab bars, including roll-in showers, and elevator systems to make tenders (smaller ships that dock in select ports) wheelchair accessible. 

These amenities also include space for wheelchairs and scooters. Most ships have accommodations for guests who are deaf or have hearing impairments.

Holland America Cruise Line

Seniors have always enjoyed traveling on Holland America cruises (HAL), both for the places they visit and the entertainment available while onboard. The ships are simple to navigate and usually do not have a lot of small children. 

The cruise line also offers several must-do excursions through the Panama Canal, Australia, South Pacific, and Africa, as well as an inexpensive world cruise.

What Age Is The Senior Cruise Age?

The average age of cruisers is 47, but there is no definitive answer to what age is considered senior for cruises. Some cruise lines offer discounts for seniors aged 55 and over, while others have different age requirements. It is advisable to check with the cruise line before booking to see if they offer any discounts for seniors.

Do The Elderly Benefit From Cruises?

Celebrity Cruises offers world-class restaurants, elegant décor, opulent cabins, and unique areas that are ideal for travelers of all ages, including seniors.

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